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How to Choose Polyaluminum Chloride in water Treatment

How to Choose Polyaluminum Chloride in water Treatment

What is polyaluminum chloride?

Polyaluminum Chloride (Poly aluminium chloride) is short of PAC. It is a type of water treatment chemical for drinking water, industrial water, wastewater, groundwater  purification for color removing, COD removing,etc by reaction. It can be regarded as a type of flocculate agent, decolor agent or coagulant either.

PAC is a water-soluble inorganic polymers between ALCL3 and AL(OH) 3, the chemical formula is [AL2 (OH) NCL6- NLm] ,'m' refer to the extent of polymerization, 'n' stand for the neutral level of PAC products. It has the advantages of low cost, less consumption, and an excellent purification effect.

How many types of PAC?

There are two prodcing methods: one is drum drying, the other is spray drying. Due to different production line, there are a little differences from  both the appearance and the contents.

Drum drying PAC is yellow or dark yellow granules, with a content of Al2O3 from 27% to30%. The insoluble material in water is not more than 1%.

While Spray Drying PAC is yellow, pale yellow or white color powder, with a content of  Al2O3 from 28% to 32%. The insoluble material in water is not more than 0.5%.

How to choose the right PAC for different water treatment?

There is no defination for PAC application in watet treatment. It is only a standard of PAC specifcation requirement in different water treatment. Standard No. for drinking water treatment is GB 15892-2009.

Usually, 27-28% PAC is used in non-drinking water treatment, and 29-32% PAC is used in drinking water treatment.






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