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PAM flocculant using skills in different seasons

Polyacrylamide Flocculant is the main water treatment agent in industrial production and is widely used in industrial wastewater and urban sewage treatment. Polyacrylamide has different forms, the common forms are powder, granular, and according to the different types of ions can be divided into cationic PAM, anionic PAM, non-ionic PAM and bisexual PAM which play different roles in different applications.

We know that polyacrylamide powders need to be stirred before using, in order to better play the polyacrylamide flocculation effect. Industry experts told us that according to the temperature of different seasons, PAM flocculant mixing method is also different. Therefore, the use of polyacrylamide should be based on the local natural environment temperature, reasonable mixing, to ensure the use of PAM flocculant effect.

First, the summer water temperature is high, the anionic, cationic flocculant to be stirred for about 40 minutes, non-ionic polyacrylamide to be stirred for about 90 minutes.

Second, the winter water temperature is low, the anionic, cationic polyacrylamide need to be stirred for 60 minutes or so, non-ionic flocculant to stir for about 120 minutes. At the same time, the higher concentration of polyacrylamide, the faster the dissolution time


The above is the polyacrylamide in different seasons of mixing requirements, we use polyacrylamide to master the correct mixing techniques to ensure the uniformity of polyacrylamide dissolved. PAM dissolved uneven or inadequate will affect the use of its effect, therefore, we must pay attention to the correct method. At the same time, when choose the  flocculant type, we should consider the characteristics of water treatment in order to better play the flocculation role of polyacrylamide products.






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