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Product Detail
Product: PolyDADMAC
CAS No.: 26062-79-3
Color: Colorless To Light Yellow viscose liquid
Grade: Industry Grade
Cert.: ISO9001 etc.
Package: 200kg net in plastic drum or 1000kg net in IBC

1. Introduction

【Product code】:     HC POLYDADMC Series
【Other name】:      Polydadmac; PDMDAAC; PDADMAC
【CAS Name】:        2-Propen-1-aminium, N, N- dimethyl-N-Propenyl-, chloride homopolymer
【CAS No.】:            26062-79-3
【Molecular Formula】:   (C8H16NCl)n
【Structure Formula】:

2. Product Specifications


colorless or light yellow sticky liquid

Dynamic viscosity(cps,20°C)


PH value(1% water solution)


Solid content % ≥


Note: our product can be made upon your special request.

3. Features

PolyDADMAC is a cationic quaternary ammonium polymer which is completely dissolved in water, it contains strong cationic radical and activated adsorbent radical, which can destabilize and flocculate the suspended solids and the negative-charged water soluble matters in the wastewater through electro-neutralization and bridging adsorption. It achieves good results in flocculating, de-coloring, killing algae and removing organics.

4. Packages and Storage

The product is packed 200kg net in plastic drum or 1000kg net in IBC.

Shelf life: 24 months

5. Instruction

1. When used alone, it should be diluted to the concentration of 0.5%-0.05% (based on solid content).

2. In dealing with different source water or waste water, the dosage is based on the turbidity and the concentration of the water. The most economical dosage is based on the trial.

3. The dosing spot and the mixing velocity should be carefully decided to guarantee that the chemical can be mixed evenly with the other chemicals in the water and the flocs can not be broken.

4. It is better to dose the product continuously.






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